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A Word on Wonderful Wee!

urine sample2

At South Valley Veterinary Clinic we get excited about cat and dog pee! Well, to be absolutely honest, we are not quite so excited about it when it is splashed over our waiting room and front counter by enthusiastic dogs marking their territory! But we do love owners to bring in their pets' wee samples for us to check out. 

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Rat Poisons And Your Pet

rat mouse bait

Recently there has been a bit of a mouse and rat plague out in the suburbs around Highton, Grovedale, Waurn Ponds and beyond. How do I know this? Because there has been a number of dogs brought into us at South Valley Veterinary Clinic that have been accidentally poisoned by the rodent baits (rodenticides).

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Are you being walked by your dog?

dog pulling on lead

At South Valley Veterinary Clinic, we love to see people enjoying their pets. Seeing puppies graduate from our puppy school with new skills and learning to fit in with their new family is one of the really rewarding experiences of our profession. For many people, walking their dog is a great way to interact with their dog, other dog owners and keep fit at the same time. It is often also a way to mentally unwind and can be a favourite time of day. But not always...... 

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Arthritis in our pets

Gus heater 2

Yes, it's Winter and, yes, it's cold! This morning, when I reluctantly crawled out of bed to meet a friend for a run, it was a chilly 4 degrees and my mini-dachshund, Gus, declined to join me, preferring his bed in front of the wood heater!

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Chocoholics! Dogs and chocolate poisoning


To all of you chocolate lovers out there! That innocent looking pooch that lives with you is secretly planning to find your stash and get the lot! Dogs love chocolate! Don't we all!!??

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