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Parvovirus in Cats

kitten vaccinatin

When we hear the word Parvovirus we usually think of the horrible and sometimes fatal disease that causes vomiting and diarrhoea in dogs. We don't associate it with cats. In fact, Parvovirus has been a disease affecting cats longer than it has dogs; it's just we usually call it Feline Enteritis (or Feline Panleukopaenia). So why talk about it now? Because there has been an outbreak in Melbourne this year. See this recent article in the Herald Sun.

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Dogs and Diabetes

There has been a lot in the media in the past few years about how diabetes is increasing in our society. It’s interesting that diabetes seems to be increasing in dogs as well as people. However, it is really important to realise that dogs don’t become diabetic simply because they are overweight. They become diabetic because their pancreas is not making insulin any more and this can be due to a number of reasons. Unlike people, they cannot be managed by diet and tablets. Instead, they usually need insulin injections daily. If left untreated, they progressively get worse over a fairly short period of time, until they become dangerously ill and death can result.

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Lily Poisoning in Cats


Lilies make beautiful cut flowers and have become really popular in our homes over the past few years. But, cat owners beware, these plants are highly poisonous and can kill your cat!

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sinbad in bag

Have you had a look at your canine or feline family member recently? You know the one- it was still a puppy/kitten just the other day...week....month....year! Can you see the tell-tale signs that he or she is approaching that 'mature age' era? A few grey hairs through the coat, a whiter muzzle, a slightly less manic look when the ball is brought out, the tearing through the back garden has settled into a more sedate trot, your cat is sleeping 20 hours a day?

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My Dog's Breath Really Stinks!

grades of dental disease

'My dog's breath really stinks!'

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