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pet advice and clinic news

Parvovirus in Cats

When we hear the word Parvovirus we usually think of the horrible and sometimes fatal disease that causes vomiting and diarrhoea in dogs. We don't associate it with cats. In fact, Parvovirus has been a disease affecting cats longer than it has dogs; it's just we...

Are we loving our pets to death?

Every day at work, we see pets that are overweight. It is certainly seems a lot more common than it was 10 years ago. It is probably an unwanted 'side effect' of including our beloved pets in our family circle more than we used to do as a society. Now, I think it is...

Chocoholics! Dogs and Chocolate Poisoning

To all of you chocolate lovers out there! That innocent looking pooch that lives with you is secretly planning to find your stash and get the lot! Dogs love chocolate! Don't we all!!?? However, for dogs it is bad news. They can get chocolate poisoning and it can have...

Arthritis in our pets

Yes, it's Winter and, yes, it's cold! This morning, when I reluctantly crawled out of bed to meet a friend for a run, it was a chilly 4 degrees and my mini-dachshund, Gus, declined to join me, preferring his bed in front of the wood heater! He got his walk at a much...

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