At South Valley Veterinary Clinic we get excited about cat and dog pee! Well, to be absolutely honest, we are not quite so excited about it when it is splashed over our waiting room and front counter by enthusiastic dogs marking their territory! But we do love owners to bring in their pets’ wee samples for us to check out.

Urine is a good indicator of your pet’s health. It contains substances that are the waste products of your pet’s body functions, so it can help us understand how your pet is functioning. Just one small wee sample tested in-house can provide information about the following things:

1. Kidney function- urine concentration and urine protein levels.

2. Diabetes Mellitus – is there glucose in the urine?

3. infection of the urinary tract – blood, protein, sediment, pH

4. Liver health- bilirubin levels

5. Bladder stones- urine pH, sediment exam.

6. Other disease conditions e.g. Cushing’s Disease that affect the urine concentration and composition.

No wonder we get excited with all that information from a little jar!

If you need to book your pet in for surgery, you will be provided with a similar sample jar to the one pictured to bring in a urine sample with your pet for us to examine the morning of his or her surgery day. There is no charge for this service. It is important to us to provide the best and safest experience for your pet and this is one small but important way of doing this. Our staff will provide the information you need on collecting a wee sample but first thing in the morning is best.

Call us if you have any queries on 03 5244 4202