The holidays have flown by, and it’s hard to believe it is already February with the kids back at school (did I hear anyone cheering?!!), adults back at work, and after work/school sports, and other activities starting up again. Sound familiar? Sound hectic?!

At South Valley Veterinary Clinic, we fully understand how busy life can get. We know how much you love your pet and that you regard it as one of the family. But sometimes it can be difficult trying to fit that appointment for the vaccination, geriatric check, dental check or whatever the reason may be. (Let’s face it…some days just working out what you are going to have for dinner that night is challenging enough! For me, that can be the hardest part of my day!)

Knowing what a juggling act the daily routine can be, I thought I would make sure you are all aware of a service we have always provided but not many people take advantage of – our Drop and Go consultation service.

Contact us for an appointment. There are only a few Drop and Go appointments available each day to make sure we have enough room to house your pet in style. Our receptionist will arrange a time for you to drop in your pet that is convenient for you. Your pet will have a complete physical examination whilst you are gone and routine treatments will be done. Of course, if we find anything we need to discuss with you first, then we will contact you to get your permission before going ahead with any tests or treatments. On your way home, you will have a short discharge appointment booked with a vet so that you can have a discussion about how your pet is going.

These appointments are restricted to routine checks such as vaccinations and general health checks, because it is important for more urgent cases to be seen with their owners present – or someone who can help us with background information.

Of course, there will be no additional charge to house your pet for the day. Just consider it to be part of our service! So next time life is getting too hectic and a visit to the vet looks impossible, just call (03) 5244 4202 or email and let us help simplify your day!