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Are we loving our pets to death?


When I first saw this photo I had a chuckle because this cat is so obese, it looks almost cartoonish! But then I began to feel sad that this poor animal is so overweight, it must hardly be able to move and live a normal cat-like existence. In fact, I started to feel really sorry for this cat! I think it may be trying to groom itself in this photo but it looks like it is having a struggle!

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Murphy and Dudley

I have not actually written this blog but I am going to introduce it! Our clinic is privileged to have Andrea as a client and her delightful animals as our patients. She has shared a beautiful story about her rescued pets and their impact in her life at a critical time. She has called this story 'The Power of Two', but I think it should really be called 'The Power of Three' because Andrea is such a strong advocate for animal welfare- her actions speak for themselves. Thank you Andrea for allowing us to share your story. You are an inspiration to us!

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The Drop And Go Vet Visit!


The holidays have flown by, and it's hard to believe it is already February with the kids back at school (did I hear anyone cheering?!!), adults back at work, and after work/school sport and other activities starting up again. Sound familiar? Sound hectic?!

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Six Ways To Help Pets Cope During Hot Days


We have already been hit by some sweltering summer days this year and weather forecasters are predicting quite a few more. Our clinic is a nice place to be on a hot day as it has climate controlled air conditioning, but we need to make sure our beloved pets at home get to keep cool as well.

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Thunderstorms and Dogs

Maddi Pickering damage to door

It's thunderstorm season for dogs! The damage to this door was done during a recent thunderstorm by one of the sweetest dogs I have met. She is one of many dogs who suffer from extreme anxiety during thunderstorms. During a storm she becomes extremely frantic and broke through this door trying to find a spot to hide away. Her owners were upset to think about how distressed she must get and sought help at our clinic.

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